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Any country of year-round summer, lush greenery, long sandy coast line, coral reefs naturally makes an ideal vacation spot. Combined with modern infrastructure, a vibrant economy and friendly people, such a place also makes an ideal home – this is what Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) is about. The Malaysian government now welcomes the world to take a look into the country’s beautiful new homes and to enjoy a tropical lifestyle under a long-stay program here.

What is the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) Program?

Malaysia My Second Home Programme is promoted by the Government of Malaysia to allow people from all over the world who fulfill certain criteria, to stay in Malaysia as long as possible on a social visit pass with a multiple entry visa.

The Social Visit Pass is initially for a period of ten (10) years (depending on the validity of the applicants’ passport) and is renewable.

It is open to all citizens of countries recognized by Malaysia regardless of race, religion, gender or age. Applicants are allowed to bring along their spouse and children as dependents (below 21 years old who is not married).

Foreigners who are married to Malaysians can apply for either MM2H programme or the  "Spouse Programme".



10-Year Social Visit Pass and Multiple Entry Visa. Participants are free to stay in Malaysia and travel as often as they like.


This pass is easily renewable after 10 years. This is provided that participants did not violate rules and regulations.


Each participant can import his car or purchased a locally assembled
car tax-free. In Malaysia tax and duties on cars can run as high as 300%.


Up to 80% housing loan compared to the 60% normally allowed for foreigners.


Tax exemption for overseas income remitted to Malaysia provided that
participant stayed more than 182 days in Malaysia and applicable only to
countries with Double Taxation Agreement.


School-going children will be given a student pass to further their study at international schools, colleges and universities.


Each participating family can bring in a maid from his country of origin.

Ability to invest in Malaysian companies.
  Real property gains tax is abolished in Malaysia since April 2007.


Participant below 50 years old are prohibited from seeking employment in Malaysia.


Those aged 50 and above can work at maximum 20 hours per week in critical sectors of the economy

3. All participants can invest in and actively engage in their own businesses in Malaysia.


To apply directly or to use an agent?

New MM2H Rules (2009)

List of international schools in Kuala Lumpur and Selangor

Malaysian Weather

Malaysia has warm tropical weather year round. Temperatures range from 21°C to 34°C on flat land and 15°C to 22°C in the highlands. Different parts of the country experience monsoon during different parts of the year.


Application Forms
MM2H Application Form
Visit Pass Application Form

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